😇Tamboon $50sgd for Temple(Wat Muang Hom- 万紫香佛寺) will receive one Thep Thang Jai aka Wishing God😇

Thep Thang Jai
Ajarn Jo at Wat Muang Hom
Ajarn Jo at Wat Muang Hom
Ah Huat at Wat Muang Hom
Thep Thang Jai

All donations will 100% pass to Praku O'Ruam. Barami Barang and Ajarn Jo will not earn from this amount at all. All donators will receive one Thep Thang Jai which is consecrated by Praku which will be given out by Ajarn Jo himself as a form of appreciation on behalf of the temple.

We are generating money to purchase raw materials for this temple.
1)Cement- 150bhat(Approximately $7sgd)
2)One 10 Footed Lorry of Sand-7500bhat(Approximately $333sgd) 

Praku O'Ruam has been ordained into monkhood since young and he has potential to be a great monk down the road. He is only 30+ years old and has attained the rank of Phra Kru. Praku O'Ruam has lots of Kruba Ajarn from Pattalung and Sai Khao Oar Lineage. If those who frequent Southern Provinces of Thailand, please go visit him at the temple and give your fullest support.

功德无量。May you and your family be blessed with good health and good luck! Huat ah!