🔥Rian LP THONG Wat Rachyota B.E.2520🔥
Early Batch Made by Archan Chek Wat Rachyota 
**Kruyai(Great Grand Teacher) of Ajarn Joe & Mine**


Both Lp Thong & Somdei Phrabuddhachantoh( Somdet Toh) are from the same era. The disciples whom they taught, are all legendary monks whose name has spread all over the world and the prices of their amulets are no cheap either.

Moreover, They are both under the same master phra Archan seng. 
There are many legends who are being taught under Lp Thong Wat Rachyota such as,
1) LuangPu Ler Wat Saochango Chachingsao
2) Luang Phor Jong Wat Natangnok Ayuthaya
3) Luang Phor Kong Wat Bangkrapong
4) Luang Phor Chat Wat Bangkrabao
5) Luang Phor Sod Wat Paknam Paicharoen
6) Luang Phor Klai Wat Suan Kan Nakonsrithamarak
7) Luang Phor Thongyu Wat Mainongpraong Samutt Sakorn
😎 Luang Phor Yee Wat Sattaheep (Disciple of LuangPu Ler)
9) Luang Phor Poch Wat Rayotha (2nd abbot)
10) Phraku Kitti Witmon Wat Rayotha
(3rd abbot and nephew of LuangPu Thong)
11) LuangPhor Parn Wat Bangnomko Ayuthaya (Learnt knowledge of Kom)
12) LuangPu Preak Wat King Keow (Close disciple)
13) LuangPu Rod Prachinburi
14) LuangPu Patch Wat Samplum


This rian is being consecrated in between the year from B.E.2520 (C.E.1977) by Archan Chek.


Anyone who worn before the amulets made by Archan Chek will know that the amulet is suitable for wealth fetching, smooth sailing at work, getting dote bosses, colleagues, maintaining a good relationship with families, friends, also no spirits or evils dare to near you, opportunities and a lot of beneficiaries.


Additional note: In case there is really anything happen, always pray in heart, " LP Thong Wat Rachyoya please help me ...", you prayers will be heard. Do not worry.


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Rian LP THONG Wat Rachyota B.E.2520