🔥👹🔥Rian Archan Ord Wat Mu(Upsakorns) B.E.2551🔥👹🔥


This rian takua(Lead) is consecrated by Archan Ord Wat Mu(Upsakorns) in year B.E.2551(C.E.2008) at temple of Thonburi.


Front is Archan Ord himself with Yakshis(Tao Wessuwan) at the side. Tao Wessuwan are giant demons who are being preached by Buddha and now he is one of a dharma protector. He will bring wealth as he is in charge of treasure, he is also the King of Demons and spirits, hence, he will also bring you maximum protection. There is also a pig who is being sat on by Archan Ord, hiding his head, it means that the wearer of this rian will have Kongkapan (Invincibility) & at the same time also Klaew KLaad( Invulnerability).


Back is Wealth Fetching Dragon(运转乾坤发财龙) holding a money bag means there will always be money and fortune coming in. Plus, Wealth Dragon is stepping on a wheel means that there will be endless prosperity in terms of sales, business, windfall luck and main luck.


Biography: Archan Ord Wat Upsong is from the lineage of Sai ya sai master, Archan Chum Chaikiri, Luang Phor Sawai Wat Preedaram, Luang Phor Pruang Phetchaburi Province, Luang Phor Liao Wat Klang Bang Keow, Luang Phor Aom, Wat Dao Nimit, Luang Phor Buak.


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Welcome pm! HUAT AH!

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Rian Archan Ord Wat Mu(Upsakorns) B.E.2551