🔥Luang Pu Kalong Nur Ngerng( Sliver) Roon Raek Lersi Roop ðŸ”¥


Luang Pu Kalong, one of the most powerful and legendary monk of Thailand who practices telepathy, mediations and magical incantations.


The reverend, Luang Pu was born in the second lunar month of C.E.1919 which is also a Saturday, at Pathumthani Province. It was told that before the born of Luang Pu, an old man saw a lersi holding a young child's hand that walked into the house while he was fishing. He then raised his hands and paid respect with full of conviction. He then concentrate and make a vow that if what he saw is real and may the child born in this house be a boy, then he will quit hauling fish forever. Hence, after the birth of Luang Pu, his Mother named him " Kalong" which means " flying crow".


Many people does not know that actually Luang Pu is already a special person once he was born due to his extra tooth which is similar to Hanuman which also has a mystical crystal fang.


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Luang Pu Kalong Nur Ngerng( Sliver) Roon Raek Lersi Roop