One of the best amulet recreated of all times by two most powerful monk combine together. This batch of of Somdej has been kept inside the Kru of Wat Khrom Khom by Lp Aum(Disciple of Lp Suk). This batch is being consecrated to help gain donation to build church at Wat Khrom Khom.


Lp Suk followed the same way how Somdej Toh create his Phra Somdej Pim Jawraga(Nuea Dam Somdej). Lp Suk write all his yants on both bookpalm leafs and also old scrolls then burn them into holy black ashes, at the same time, Lp Suk and Lp Aum are doing walking mediation around the fire. In this way, Thai people believe that the ingredients will turn out to be invincible and bring good health to the wearer.


In this ceremony, there are many monks coming from Supanburi Province and Chainat Province to join in the ceremony. Few of the monks who are renown are Lp Boi Wat Manao, Lp Aim Wat Huakao and Lp Parn Wat Bangnomkom.

Lp Suk's amulet has been a super high-end amulet since a long time ago, each is priced at least a $10,000sgd and above. However, this batch isn't so expensive and I am also fortunate to be able to have something which has been made by Lp Suk without having to pay so much money because Lp Suk is one of my Kruyai(Great Grand Teacher) and he is also the Kru of Ajarn Jo.


Hence, do not miss this chance ya! 

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Lp Yuu Wat Krom Khom &a Lp Suk Wat Makthamkao Nuea Phong Bailan Somdej B.E.2455(