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Luangpu Thuad or Somdet Jao Pah Koh was a famous guru monk in Ayutthaya period. He was important to Thai history and Buddhism very much. In Ayutthaya period, there was no LP Thuad amulet. Until Pra Kru Wisai Sopon or known as LP Tim Tammataro of Wat Chang Hai (Wat Ratchaburana), Pattani Province, LP Thuad amulet was born. LP Tim Tammataro do admired LP Thuad, so he made LP Thuad amulet to show faith to LP Thuad. It appeared that a good person when he had LP Thuad amulet, he had wonderful experience in his life for example being protected, being lucky, being admired and being successful.


Pra Kru Wisai Sopon or LP Tim Tammataro was born on the 21st August B.E. 2455 (C.E. 1912) in Pattani Province. In childhood, he learnt basic education together with dharma from Pra Kru PattarapornGowit or LP Daeng Tammatotoh. When he was 18, he got ordained as a novice and at age 20 he got ordained as a monk. His monk ordination took place at Wat Na Pradoo in Pattani Province. His monk name was Tammataro. He stayed at Wat Na Pradoo for 2 years. He then went to Wat MujarinTawapee Wihan to learn Buddhist scriptures. After that, he came back to Wat Na Pradoo and taught dharma and Buddhist scriptures to monks and novices. In B.E. 2484 (C.E. 1941), he was a prospective abbot of Wat Chang Hai and became an abbot in B.E. 2493 (C.E. 1950). Soon, his rank was higher. LP Tim Tammataro passed away in B.E. 2512 (C.E. 1969) at age 57 and 36 years in monkhood.


LP Tim Tammataro gave importance to making LP Thuad amulet. According to a diary of Mr. Anan Kananurak who dealt with LP Tim making LP Thuad amulet, he wrote that he saw LP Thuad in his dream sitting on a lotus. Mr. Anan had faith in LP Thuad. He went to LP Tim and told LP Tim his dream. Then LP Tim had an idea of making LP Thuad amulet.


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Lp Tim Rian Lp Thuad B.E.2504