Luang Phor Tee of Wat Huchang is one of the existing great monk in Nonthanburi Province who is currently 79 years old this year. He was born in 2483 and was a novice monk who practise buddhism under the guidance of LP Kee, the abbot of Wat Huchang before ordaining as a monk.


Luang Phor Kee, former abbot of Huchang Temple, in his youth, paid attention and study the holy water magic book to treat various diseases and then later part of his life, he moved to Wat Hu Chang after ordained. He met Luang Pho Yee, Sattahip Temple, Kesamechan, famously known as the famous "Paladkik" maker who told him that he was able to make the palakit swim up to Luang Pho Ku when he met Luang Pho Yee, Sattahip Temple. He was taught with the secret of consecration of the palakit from Luang Pho Yee. He was also a pupil of Luang Pu Daeng, Takhian Temple, Nonthaburi and Luang Pho Pan, Bang Mae Kho Temple. Wat Kasatrathirat and Luang Pho, representing Wat Thammasen.

After ordaining as a monk, LP Tee went to Wat Lahanrai to seek a higher enlightenment of Dharma and magical practice from LP Tim Wat Lahanrai. He also went to study under LP Yee of Wat Sattahip to master his famous magical practise of Palakit.


Currently, the creation of the best palakit magic has been passed down to Luang Pho Tee by Luang Phor Tee.


There was an amazing incident which is during a ceremony, the metal yant sheets written by LP Tee was supposed to be melted and mix with holy metals to consecrate amulet for Wat Huchang. However, the Yant sheets does not melt into liquid but yet be able to mixed with the holy metal visibly.


The price of the palakit made by LP Kee are too pricey, hence, people are choosing palakits made by LP Tee as an alternative which is super powerful too.


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LP Tee Wat Huchang Palakit 3 inch