Phra Chai & Phra Ngans

Ajarn Jo's Handsome Batch Phra Chai
Ajarn Jo Consecrating New Phra Chai & Phra Ngans
Ajarn Jo's Botak Ngan

Deva Phra Chai and Ngan is being invited by Ajarn Jo into his holy item has no any involvement of Prai items or items related to negative elements. All of his Phra Chai and Phra Ngan is 100% holy and is Deva(High Ranking Deity) based. Phra Ngan is a mountain deity which cannot be controlled in the three world. Hence, he is free to roam around the heaven, earth and hell which makes his power a limitless one. Moreover, Phra Chai is a higher cultivated form of Phra Ngan, nevertheless they are of the same effect. By hearing it's name, " Phra Chai" , it means victory god, he will definitely help you fight countless wars and win in all of the wars easily.

Ajarn Jo's Phra Chai/Ngan is a all rounder! When he senses which part of your component you are lacking in, he will substitute it and boost it up. For example, if you are lacking in luck, he will help boost your luck.

Ajarn Jo's Phra Ngan have the following properties:
- Kakai
- Choklap
- Metta Maha Niyom
- Maha Seneh
- Klaew Klad
- Kongkapan
Basically it is an all rounder where it can brings you metta, money, victory, success, opposite sex attraction, escape from danger, invisibility, appealing, charming, smooth sailing and protection from 32 kinds of black magic and 32 kinds of spirits die of unnatural death.

There are a lot of batches which are consecrated by Ajarn Jo with prices fluctuating tremendously due to demands and limited quantity made. Specifically, ' Handsome' batch Phra Chai, blue blood moon batch as well as Ajarn Jo's up and coming Phra Chai rian. For enquiry, please contact me. 

There are people who are willing to offer a price of more than $2ksgd to obtain one of Ajarn Jo's Phra Chai/Ngan. It is a fact that devotees of Ajarn Jo treasures his Phra Chai/Ngan and hold it deep to their heart which clearly proven that there is no other source of Ajarn Jo's Phra Chai/Ngan to be obtain out in the market (eg. Carousel, Facebook) except Barami Barang. 

Blue Blood Moon Batch Phra Ngans, One of the most Hot Kick
Ajarn Jo's Limited Ngan Roop Lor Carrying Money Bowl
Ajarn Jo's Waikru Item

This is Ajarn Jo's Superb Jalan Phra Ngan Metta Oil, blessed with the Wiccha(magic) of Phra Ngan, infused with soaked Seneh Flowers ( herbs meant for attraction), and many other secret recipe. Ajarn Jo consecrated this Phra Ngan Metta Oil using high quality oil, hence, the smell of this fragrant oil will last longer than 8 hours and will not turn sticky after that.

This oil can be applied to Phra Chai/Ngan buchas or amulet too for empowerment . Similarly, this oil can also be applied on us too. Methods will be taught upon renting. Can be treated as perfume too but with correct method to apply.

Purpose: Extreme Maha Seneh ( opp sex attraction)
Metta (Make yourself more appealing)
Make Others Listen to you
Make other people got attracted to you
Attract sales, big bosses, clients 

Note: As master mentioned before, please do not misuse this oil to play with other people's wife or do any misdeed. Everyone will have to face their own karma.

Ajarn Jo's Phra Ngan Metta Oil
Special Ingredients Tube for Phra Chai & Phra Ngans Bucha

THESE are Special Powder and Soil specially make for Ajarn Jo Phra Chai/ Ngan bucha.


It consist of 7 temple's wihan, 32 types of wood dust from jungle of Thailand, Indonesian, Brunei, Cambodia and Burma. It is also comprises of Blue Blood Moon batch powder, bee hive, saneh powder(Saneh Herbs+Flowers grinded), earth soil from 7 country, crushed fossil and wihan from Ajarn Jo' s Samnak.


The short write up as mentioned below, is the mystical power and blessings of Ajarn Jo's Phra Chai and Phra Ngans. There are a lot more unmentioned incidents with regards to how Ajarn Jo's Phra Chai and Phra Ngans that help his devotees in all ways or another. 


Miracles Incident 1: It is no doubt that people do look down on Singapore Ajarn but there are many instances to prove them wrong. Ajarn Jo are always invited to be ceremonies such as Waikru to be one of the ajarn aiding the ceremony. When he arrived at the temple, the monk in-charge of the ceremony immediately ask one of their helpers to bring a chair for Master Jo when everyone is sitting on the ground. Khun Thai started to gossip among themselves because they are surprised to see a Singapore Ajarn being treated so highly. 

On the day of Waikru, Master Jo brought over a couple of amulets he made to support and give to the luksits as blessings. Hence, during the process of blessings and giving out amulets, one of the khun thais started to doubt the power of the amulet made by master. However, he was warn over by the monk in-charge that do not doubt items made by Master Joe, but the khun thai still hold on to the heart of looking down. Afterwards, he wants to test this amulet by feeling its vibration, this is the moment where miracles came, he trance lersi right on the spot. Thereby after, all the khun thais started to ask for the holy item and kept quiet since then. 

Miracles incident 2: One of the customer bring over the Phra Chai roop lor made by Master Jo over to temple for blessings and the customer was surprised when the monk asked if there was any extra piece and if it can be given to him because he says that they vibrations and the power is super strong. Unfortunately, the customer only has one piece with him at that moment and the monk continues to ask where is the master from? And the customer just replied, from Singapore. Hence, the monk find it shocking and curious, how come a Archan out of Thailand is able to make amulets of such standards.

In addition, Phra Chai also saved one of my customer who drink and drive at Malaysia. His car turnover trice(3 times) and he was not buckle up with a belt which made him bang over the divider curb. Eventually, he also suffers minor injury. 

Furthermore, another customer also got into a rob and run incident at Malaysia expressway where he was slashed with a parang but little did he know that he did not suffer any cuts because believed in Ajarn Jo's Phra Chai and prayed so hard. 

Miracles incident 3: The number quantities of Phra Chai and Phra Ngans which Master Jo consecrated is usually between 20-50 numbers or even lower than 10 for some batches. Hence, I can bet that no one will be willing to sell off Ajarn Jo's ngans online because of the limited quantities and because of its extraordinary miracles it creates.  Personally, Phra Chai saved me from an car accident with just some minor scratches as you can see from the pictures on the left even when I flew up onto the windscreen and roll back down again. Side note: Lucky my bones never break!

Miracles incident 4: This newspaper is reporting about a car accident regarding red colour SIR model which has been totally crushed to nothing. Shockingly the driver only suffers minor cuts only and you know what? He is the luksit(disciple) of Ajarn Jo who is wearing phra ngan made by master at the point of incident. 

*Ajarn Jo First Batch Phra Chai Rian B.E.2562(C.E.2019)

*Customized Jumbo Phra Ngan Bucha 

*Blue Blood Moon Batch 

*Customized Phra Chai Bucha

*Blessing of Phra Chai & Phra Ngan

*Consecrating of Phra Chai & Phra Ngan

*Consecrating of Phra Chai Bucha 

*Blessings of Phra Ngans & Phra Chais Amulet at Taiwan with the host,'戴子翔' of comedy series' 老娘來了' holding a record of 30k followers!

*Phra Ngan Pocket Size Roop Lor 

*Devotee's Altar