Hello reader! I am Ah Huat, I have been in this amulet industry for more than 7 years since I was secondary two. To be frank, i still do not know what actually spark off my interest in this field but THIS IS ME, a strong darmma practitioner and also a taoist. I will try my best to cater to your wants and needs with my current experience and knowledge. 


In these few years of being in this industry, I have gained a lot of meaningful experience as well as set backs such as receiving fake amulets from other dealers who wants me to become a public figure who sells fake amulets too, hence, I , Ah Huat once bitten, twice shy is willing to go all the way to Thailand to take the amulets myself rather than relying on others. 

I would like to assure you that my amulets are all genuine and authentic. It is no doubt that some of my amulets might be more expensive or cheaper than other dealers but you must also understand that they do not have to add in their expenses spend on their trip to Thailand. Eventually, it is better to get amulets which are genuine but a bit more pricey rather than ending up getting fake amulets because of greed due to cheaper price range. Moreover, I feel proud of the amulets I am selling because I put in a lot of effort to travel all the way through flights, 8 hours drive from temple to temple and also ending up having lunch in the evening time. Please appreciate and respect the holy item which I am renting out because thai masters really do put 101% to bless and protect us. 

Wat Kohong Waikru B.E.2562(C.E.2019)

Wat Kohong Waikru B.E.2561(C.E.2018)

Wat Cherng Wai Waikru B.E.2561(C.E.2018)

Visit to Different Temple & Monks

Phor Than Eaum 100 Days Funeral B.E.2562(C.E.2019)

Revisit Phor Than Euam even though He Passed On 

Wat Cherng Wai Waikru B.E.2563(C.E.2020)

Revisited Archan Tham