Ajarn Jo's item

*Consecrating First Batch Maikru 

*Consecrating First Batch Mae Nang Phim Kuni Takrut 

*Consecrating First Batch Phra Lak NaThong Takrut 

*Consecrating Mini Krop Sian & Hindo God Lockets

*Consecrating Archan Tham Roop, Naga, Pikanet & Other Holy Item

*Consecrating One and Only Ganesha image with personal hand drawn yants rented by Taiwan customer

*Consecrating Waikru Phayant/Customised Personal Takrut for Suzhuo Devotees/Customised Hanuman Takrut

*Consecrating Takrut Lersi Narod/Tafai, Salika, Wealth Takrut 

*Forever-Lasting Lucky Charm

Waikru Batch Lersi Porgae & Somdej B.E.2563(C.E.2020)