Short Biography  of Master Jo

Ajarn Robert, Teacher of Ajarn Jo
LP Suk Wat Makhamtao
LP Thong Wat Rachyota 
Archan Luang Nui Wat Kohong
Luang Pu Dum Wat Tuyong
LP Thuad Wat Changhai
Archan Kasem Wat Muang, Ang Thong
Luang Phor Pern Wat Bang Phra
Archan Fon Deesawang
All the Grandmasters of Ajarn Jo

Becoming a recognized Ajarn with the position and title given by Ajarn Robert, teacher of Ajarn Jo; Master Jo himself has since been out in the field at 21 years old until now who has more than 25 years of experience in both spiritual and issues that humans are face daily. He is also the only disciple who has succeeded as the lineage holder in learning all the wiccha(Magic) under the strict guidance of Ajarn Robert.

With his strong devotion towards buddhism and beliefs in life values, made him one of the most prominent figure in the heart of many disciples. Disciples coming from US, Hongkong, Malaysia, Taiwan and many other countries like Thailand will find time and make their way down for Waikru every year although they are on tight schedule.  One of the Waikru videos filmed in the year of C.E.2010(B.E.2553) are shown on the left.

Master himself, holds firmly towards his thoughts of wisdom such as teaching people do good and everything in their life will be smoothed out.

The humble master always says ' I am not very good and powerful, the holy ones who I am praying to on my altar is more powerful than me. After so many years has past, they are still being prayed to. Once I die, no one will even put me on altar to pray already.'

This is a video featuring a disciple going into a state of trance during the blessing of Ajarn Jo Waikru B.E.2562(C.E.2019) conducted at samnak(A place where devotees receive their blessings from master). 

It's a believed that only devotees who have sakyants(Thai Yantra Tatoo) will trance, however, Ajarn Jo has the ability to let a devotee trance without having a sakyant with the blessings of Theps and Devas through chanting commonly seen on Waikru day. This feat has created an impact that shock many in the Thai spiritual circle, is due to Ajarn Jo's diligence and strict practices in his daily life and his strong beliefs in his Kru(Teachers from the lineage) that blesses him with this ability which not many masters are able to attain. 

Teacher of Ajarn Jo : Archan Robert- locals known him as someone who ' create miracles'. A white robe Ajarn famous for fortune-telling, wiccha and exorcism had passed away on the 10 of June 2008. The report said he had accurately foresee the time of his own death decades ago. Passing away at 56, Kru Ajarn Robert excelled in learning Wiccha and mediation which allows him to save countless people.


Ajarn Robert had devoted himself to Thai Buddhism since he was 18 and even ordained in Thailand before for 1 year. He leaves behind a wife, daughter and a faithful dog.

Apparently Ajarn Robert once predicted that he had 3 calamities at 54, 55 & 56 yrs old respectively. Things happened consecutively until 56 he was struck down with lung cancer and by the time it was discovered, it was already at the last stage. Fortunately, before Master Robert leave this world, he is happy that he is able to pass his knowledge and skills to his favourable and most promising luksit, Ajarn Jo. 

Lineage of Ajarn Jo-

LP Thong Wat Rachyota 

Phra Somdei Buddhachantoh Wat Rakang

LP Thuad Wat Changhai

LP Suk Wat Makhamtao

LP Pern Wat BangPhra

LP Dum Wat Tuyong

Phor Fon Deesawang 

LP Wan Wat Nong Plub

Archan Tham Wat Nong Plub 

Archan Luang Nui Wat Kohong

Archan Luang Pern Wat Kohong 

LP Kasem Wat Muang Thong 

Archan Erng Wat Cherng Wai

Phor Tiang 

Ajarn Robert Chia

Ajarn Thong Talad Phu

Praku Oruam Wat Muang Hom

interviews of Ajarn Jo 

Lastly, Ajarn Jo is very honored to be interviewed by one of the Youtuber, Mr Eugene Tay, who is also the owner of the Youtube channel ' Supernatural Confessions' holding a record of more than 45k views and more than 5k followers on his Facebook page. 

There are a total of 5 different episodes on Ajarn Jo explaining on the different expects or views of a certain spiritual topics. Their links are as follows, 

Episode 1: Ajarn Jo shares his views on the difference between ghosts in movies and in real life. How much of what we see in Hollywood is actually a true representation of what ghosts are really like?

Episode 2: Asian culture is full of superstitions. Don't point at the moon, don't look up at the trees, keep quiet when you smell something odd at night, and the most famous of all - say 'excuse me' when you pee in public at night. Are there any truth to these superstitions or are they just old wives' tales?

Episode 3: There's a rising trend in millennials keeping spirts at home in the form of Thai Kumantong. They believe that the spirits will help them get rich quick and attract the opposite sex. Many rush to get them from online stores or speciality occult stores, but the lack of knowledge when dealing with such entities can lead to devastating effect. Perhaps the more important question would be - should you even keep one in the first place?

Episode 4: Ever felt a sudden chill run down your spin for no reason? Or smelled an odd scent in a place where there shouldn't be any? Asians believe that these are signs that there are unclean spirits around. In this final part of this series Ajahn Jo shares one important lesson that our grandparents have been telling us - when you hear someone call you your name, don't turn to look over your shoulder.

Episode 5: People go to spiritual masters to solve their supernatural problems but what is it like being on the other side of the table? What goes through their mind when dealing with beings that are out this world? We know there's going to be some danger when dealing with the unknown, but just how dangerous is it? And what was it like for them when they had their first encounter?

Ajarn Jo and the Owner of Barami Barang

Ajarn Jo not only is he well verse in both wiccha and knowledge, he also applies darmma preaching  in laymen terms to everyone who approaches him. The people whom approaches Master Jo is really diverse, there is handicaps, gangsters, youngsters and even elders who are facing issues in their lives. Master hopes to spread wisdom and real knowledge of amulet world to everyone. 

Part of documentaries of Master Jo himself 

Master Jo's Involvement in Wat kohong waikru b.e.2562(c.e.2019)

Master Jo's Involvement in Wat rachyota, Kruyai LP Thong waikru

Master Jo's Involvement in Wat kohong waikru b.e.2561(c.e.2018)

Master Jo's involvement in wat cherng wai waikru B.E.2562(c.e.2019)

Master Jo visit to different temples, monk & Master

Revisit phor than eaum even after he passed on 

Phor Than Eaum 100 Days Funeral B.e.2562(C.e.2019)