Ajarn Jo Location/House Blessing Services 

Ah Huat - ' Wah... so difficult to dig ajarn Jo's old pictures which has been taken long time ago..' Master Jo is so conservative...this is why I like and respect about him...so low profile 

HDB 3 Room 

HDB 4 Room

House Blessing

HDB 5 Room


EC Condo




Landed Property

Please call for equiry 

Please call for equiry 


Please call for equiry 

Retail Shop

Beauty Palour at City Hall Area

Condo at Beach Road

Pet Shop at Jurong Area

Beauty Palour in Marina Bay Sands

Mr Rjesti Car Workshop at Kaki Bukit 

Malaysia House Blessings

Office Blessings in One of the Logistics Company at Sin Ming Area

Mechanic Workshop for Cars Blessings 

House Blessing in Luksit House at Bukit Batok

Beauty Palour in North Area

House Blessings near Cantonment Police HQ