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                   Ajarn Jo's Card Reading at Taiwan

These are some of the pictures featuring how a card reading session will go about. You do not have to bring anything or do anything, you just be a good listener and a lawyer, you can ask as many questions as possible.

-What will a card reading session tells you 🤨?
You will get your whole year being read and written down on a paper according to lunar calendar month with all the good and bad happenings which is going to occur in each relevant month. Master Jo will then advice you what you have to do to improve or avoid the event from happening.

* Results will be send through emails with no Face to Face appointments

              Ajarn Jo's Card Reading at Taiwan with the host '戴子翔'

I am sure everyone will know " 老娘来了!" a very popular Taiwan variety show hosted by 翔翔哥, attracting over 30,000+s viewers and followers world-wide. Barami Barang is humbled to receive 翔翔哥 as one of our privileged guests in Ajarn Jo's Kaoh Siung Card Reading Trip.