Ajarn Jo Consulation & Blessing Services 


Luck Enhancement 起运 

Car Blessings祈福车辆

Blessing Services(Metta人缘/Wealth招财/Protection避险/Avoid spiritual disturbances避邪

Service Package(Appointment Only)

Increase Maha Seneh(Opposite Sex Attraction)吸引异性,人缘大法/招正偏财



Ajarn Jo



Holy Water Shower 冲圣水

Rahu Ritual 拜天狗消灾


* Customized personal takrut for specific purposes is available. 

* Other special blessings and ritual services which are not stated above, please kindly call to enquire

Plastic Encasing Services

Depends on sizes and thickness 

$25 onwards


Small to Medium size 

*Any damages or lost during the process, we will not be responsible for it. 

                                     😇Reasons of doing Blessings😇

-Why do devotees do blessings 🤨?
       Everyone have their own karma which they have to face it be it good and bad karma. Devotees will turn to blessings to help them improve their current situation.

-What will blessings helps in 🤔?
        Blessings will help to boost and enhance your Metta(loving kindness), Luck(财气), Smooth Sailing at work, Well Liked by Everyone, Prevent lesser Backstabbed from enemy or hypocrite, Reduce burden of your Karma and to increase Level of Protection against Spirits, Demons and Black Magic.

-How to book for an appointment & how much does it cost😯?
        You can contact me personally through Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or even phone calls at 90114881(+65). Each session will be $58(Mon-Fri) & $88(Sat-Sun). You do not have to bring anything or do anything. It is very simple!

Images of Blessings done by Ajarn Jo:

Images of Blessings done by Ajarn Jo at Taiwan:

Images of Blessings done by Ajarn Jo at Taiwan with the host,'戴子翔' of  comedy series '老娘來了' fetching a high record of 30k followers:

🌚Ajarn Jo's Phra Rahu Blessings to Change your Bad Luck to Good Luck🌚

🤔Why do someone needs such a blessings?
- Eat Up your Bad Luck & Give you Good Luck
- Attract Positive People, Positive Energies & Vibrations
- Prevent Backstabbers from coming into your Life
- Protect you from Harm, Danger, Spirits, Black Magic & Evils
- Increase your Luck & Wealth
- Increase you Metta

Images of Rahu  Blessings done by Ajarn Jo:

                   🤩Ajarn Jo's Flower Water Bathe🤩

Most of the devotees will arrange for flower water bathe to wash away all the Negative/Bad luck and bring in Good things into their life so everything will be smooth sailing.

Images of  Flower  Bathe done by Ajarn Jo: