Luang Pu Wan Wat Nong Pluck(Teacher of Archan Tham & Kruba Ajarn of Ajarn Jo)

All of you will definitely heard of the legendary sky revival sword of Khun Phaen which is one of Khun Phaen's magic and was created again in Wat Pradu Songtham in Ayutthaya province. The magic used to make sky knife has already disappeared for a long time because no one knows that it is actually practiced by Luang Pu Wan Wat Nong Plub, the creator of the legendary knife and mercury holy item. 

Luang Pu Wan was born on May 3,1903, his father's name is Chantra and his mother's name is A. Yang Talat in Maha Sarakham Province with 7 brothers and sisters. Luang Pu Wan, he is the 5th among his siblings. He was ordained as a novice at the age of 9 at Wat Ban Phon Sawang, Maha Sarakham Province. When he was 10 years old, after going through Buddhist Lent, he went to pay respect to Luang Phor Kamthi at Wat Ban Phon Sawang. He then proceeded to Surin Province, to study Vipassana meditation practice in the Cemetery. Later, he went to stay with the monks in the temples and studied dharma for up to 2 years. In addition, he also studied from Khmer and Laos taught by Phra Kru Chan until he can completely understand well. Later, Luang Pu went to pay respect to Luang Phor Kham, who was the first teacher of Luang Pu. He then followed Luang Phor Kham for hiking in many provinces such as Ubon and Sakon Nakhon. And also arrived in Laos, Burma and Cambodia. He said that during his visit to Laos, he practiced meditation with a teacher in the mountains full of Buffalos and various magic courses with many of the buffalos in the mountain taught by his teachers.


Luang Pu Wan said that there was a teacher who was very old by age but his looks was not old at all. Luang Pu therefore asked that monk, why is he not old at all? How to do? The monk replied him ' If you want to study, come together to the buffalo mountain to study'. And in the year of 1997, Luang Pu said that his Master was not dead and that this teacher's age should be two hundred years old. 

At the age of 20, he completed his ordination at Wat Nuea, Muang District, Roi Et Province, with Phra Thep Methi, as preceptor. After ordination, he went to live with Luang Pu Kham at Wat Tha Tum, Maha Sarakham Province, and he studied Dhamma until completing the Dhamma studies. Then he walked to Bangkok to study the dharma and went to stay at Wat Pak Nam. 


While he was at Wat Paknam, one of the devotees went to him and ask him if there is any medicine for cure for a serious sickness, Luang Pu then told the devotees the drug to buy, boil, eat and surprisingly he is healed. And then this rumors continue to spread among all the people. At that time, more and more people went to find Luang Pu to heal. The reputation of Luang Pu has spread to the extent that he have to leave Wat Pak Nam. He then traveled to find a place to study and then moved from Wat Pak Nam to Wat Nong Nam Sang. Later on, he received the news that Wat Nong Plub has religious teaching, so he plans to move to the temple. At that time, Luang Phor Bua Is the abbot. Luang Pu then studied until the Master and Doctorate Dharma exam. And when he had finished, he became a teacher of the Buddhist Scriptures at Wat Nong Plub. 


Afterwards, he found a person who learns mercury from his father who survives from a fight with a tiger from Wat Pradu Songtham dating many years ago. Therefore, Luang Pu went to learn Mercury from Luang Phor Sup at Wat Pradu Songtham and stayed up to 8 years. At that time, the only one remaining inheritance of the magic of mercury is Luang Phor Sup. Luang Pu also learn from another teacher Luang Phor Rod Suea for the making of mitmor. Until Luang Pu completed the mercury and mitmor course, then he brought this knowledge to help people until his last breathe. After Luang Phor Sup passes away, Luang Pu was asked to take over Wat Pradu Songtham as the Fourth abbot.

Luang Pu Wan passed away aged 96 years old, C.E.1999. 

Luang Pu Wan Wat Nong Plub, Teacher of Archan Tham & Kruba Ajarn of Ajarn Jo

Luang Pu Wan Wat Nong Plub, Teacher of Archan Tham & Kruba Ajarn of Ajarn Jo

Luang Pu Wan Wat Nong Plub, Teacher of Archan Tham & Kruba Ajarn of Ajarn Jo
Luang Pu Wan Wat Nong Plub, Teacher of Archan Tham & Kruba Ajarn of Ajarn Jo
Archan Tham Wat Nong Plub, Teacher Ajarn Jo
Luang Pu Wan making holy water in one of the mass chanting ceremony

Recognized throughout the whole of Thailand as one of the expert in wiccha(magic) and mercury making, Luang Pu is also the teacher of Archan Tham. Luang Pu imparted all his knowledge of making mitmor, pidta, mercury and many other holy items to Archan Tham which initially are being taught to him by one of his teacher, Luang Phor Rod Suea of Wat Pradu Songtham. Both Luang Pu Wan and Archan tham has the ability to use their mind power to focus on mercury such that mercury becomes powder. 

In the life time of Luang Pu, he taught before a lot of famous legendary monks such as Luang Phor Soros of Wat Khok Uthong,

Archan Prasit, Luang Phor Lai Wat Pradu Songtham. Moreover, he also taught laymans especially traders, civil servants and villagers so that they are know how to protect themselves and also to earn enough for living. Luang Pu was also constantly invited to many grand mass chanting ceremony like Wat Suthat. 

Luang Pu Wan was a very good monk who is always approached by devotees. According to what Thai people from the northeastern said, they mentioned that Luang Pu Wan's name is always heard in ghost, demons and bomohs stories where he will subdue or teach them a lesson when they are out harming victims. 

Mitmor consecrated by Luang Pu Wan is highly sought after as they are made in low quantities and are blessed by many ancient monks. The competition of the pricing of Luang Pu Wan's mitmor is comparable to the pricing of mitmor by Luang Derm Wat Nong Pho, the famous mitmor maker. Hence, you can imagine how powerful is Luang Pu Wan just by looking at how much people are willing to pay for his item. 

Luang Pu Wan once said' The knives which is being created so strongly by anyone, it is not needed to cast a spell.' Hence, it also means that if great effort was used to consecrate the knives, the insertion of magic is not needed. 

Most of the methods of creating mitmors will involve the ancient texts and methods of Luang Phor Rod Suea, Wat Pradu Sontham, Ayutthaya Province, one of the teacher of Luang Pu. 

Luang Pu Wan making holy water in one of the mass chanting ceremony

Archan Tham giving Ajarn Jo blessings

A Thai author whose name is Khun Ampol Jane publishes a magazine describing and explaining about the creation of Phra Pidta. He is also the one who sponsored three to four batch of Phra Pidta made by Luang Pu Khampan.  Inside his magazine, he mentioned that a different combination of Phra Pidta was used to test for shooting by police officers from Muang Udon District Police Station and Phra Pidta made by Luang Pu Wan was one of it.


In B.E.2529(C.E.1986), the owner of the Royal Thai Police used a 11mm gun to shoot at the first 2 rounds. For the first shot, the pidta was put against a piece of wood to prevent the amulet from bouncing too far. After the first shot, there are no signs of damage or chippings from the pidta itself. There is a thought that maybe the metal casted from the pidta is harder and stronger than the bullet itself, hence, the second bullet used will be a armor piercing bullet. The result for the second round is amazing, it appeared exactly the same as the first trial.