Ajarn Robert (Teacher of Ajarn Jo) aka 后港奇人

Ajarn Robert Chia also known as the person who create miracles(后港奇人) is the direct master of Ajarn Jo. Many amulet dealers, amulets collectors or Phra Ngan devotees will definitely know about Ajarn Robert who lives at Hougang. 

Part of the reasons was due to Ajarn Robert has the ability to foresee the future(神机妙算) and gives very accurate reading of what will be happening to the devotees who went to find him for card reading and also his Signature Mainstream Phra Ngans & Phra Chais Devas he consecrated that has saved a lot of people in terms of spiritually as well as in reality through accidents, getting of business opportunities, sudden wealth enhancement(一日变凤凰). Ajarn Robert is also the one who issue Ajarn Jo the title and the status of being a Ajarn or a Teacher. 

Ajarn Robert Chia, Teacher of Ajarn Jo

When Ajarn Robert was a teenager he was recommended by a Sri Lanka monk to receive his renunciation(monkhood) at Wat Chalong, Phuket, however, due to language barrier, Ajarn Robert was very fortunate to be accompanied by a young Sri Lanka Monk whose name is ' Su Man Nan Der' to act as his translator during his monkhood time in Thailand. Wat Chalong is also the first time Ajarn Robert ordained to be a monk for the first time. 

Being a young monk, he was recommended by the abbot of the monastery to visit Archan Phor Hak in Wat Noi. Afterwards, down the road, Ajarn Robert was also introduced to Luang Pu Dum Wat Tuyong, Pattani Province

Furthermore, in the lifetime of Ajarn Robert, he has never feared of anything, whenever people begged him for help to remove black magic, he will never back off and thus, saving countless people. As a result, his name came to fame. 


There are a lot of miracle stories with regards to Ajarn Robert but I shall not be too nagging. Among all the stories, I feel that with this story mentioned below should be enough to justify how powerful is Ajarn Robert. 

Miracles Incident: There was a Caucasian who visited Ajarn Robert while he was in Singapore serving in the military because he was recommended by some high ranking officers saying that how good is Ajarn Robert, how did the items made by Ajarn Robert helps them and even saved their life. 

The caucasian then rented a hand drawn takrut from Ajarn Robert which he wears with him everyday even after he went back to USA. One day when he and his group of comrades was tasked to remove mines from the minefield, one of the mine exploded causing everyone except him getting into injury or even death. Surprisingly, he did not suffer any scars, cuts, minor or any major injuries and everyone was totally shocked as he is the only one from the incident with no injuries at all. Immediately, the following week he flew over and find Ajarn Robert to show gratitude and explained to Ajarn Robert how he will be dead by now if there isn't the presence of the takrut. There was also a photo taken as a memory between Ajarn Robert and the Caucasian. 

Ajarn Robert passed away on the 10 of June C.E.2008(B.E.2551) aged 56 years old.