Archan Tham Wat Nong Pluck(Teacher of Ajarn Jo)

Archan Tham has been a very talented, skillful, knowledgeable and powerful monk who is able to know things that are happening to one of the luksit in Singapore even though he is in Thailand, believe it or not!

Archan Tham is fortunately from the same lineage of Luang Phor Suk Wat Makhamtao, Chainat and also Luang Pu Wan Wat Nong Pluck, Saraburi and many other masters.

Archan Tham, Teacher of Ajarn Jo, Blessing his Roop Tai 

LP Suk Wat Makthamkao Roop Tai Blessed by Archan Tham & Archan Jo






Luang Pu Wan Wat Nong Pluck is one of the masters who are super famous in his arts in making holy item like mitmor, biagae, phra rod(mercury) and pit rot which mostly contains a mixture of mercury & lead. Even though Luang Pu's name is seldom heard in Singapore but is super famous in the northern part of Thailand at Isaan. Furthermore, LuangPu holy item is as comparative as LP Derm Wat NongPho, the famous mitmor maker. 









Luang Phor Suk is one of the legendary top 10 monk in the whole of Thailand classified by the royal family. The royal family held a competition which invites top monks from all over the world to participate in it to see which monks has the highest level of wiccha(Magic). Hence, they held the competition in such that if the monk is able to use the wood shaver to cut through the wooden plank once and also comes back to original position, the monk is regarded as a extraordinary monk. Therefore, Luang Phor Suk is one of them and there are only 10 of the monks who are able to do so. 

There is also another story on Luang Phor Suk changing the size of the elephants to ants in this Nam Mon because the farmers has been told to control their elephants by not letting them enter into the garden of the temple which will destroy all the crops that are being grew by the monks, however, the farmers did not adhere to the words of Luang Phor Suk which result in Luang Phor teaching them a lesson. 

Archan Tham's Tools and Equipment, there are also Drilling Machine, Soldering Machine and many more. 

Due to the passing down of knowledge from great teachers and his own interest to learn, Archan Tham is able to melt and mix metal together, shape them out, and also do very detailed carvings on wood and also metal plates all with his expertise. Furthermore, he also grow many types of herbs in the temple's backyard, believe it or not! He is so talented and knowledgeable.

As we know that mercury are dangerous and poisonous metal, this is not the case for Archan Tham, one of the magic passed down by LP Wan is to control mercury fully and making use of its property to its maximum. Hence, one of the best seller item is Archan Tham's biagae. Archan Tham can also apply mercury on his hands with nothing happening to him or even consume mercury. Therefore, he is really not just any ordinary monk.

In ancient time, mercury can only be obtained from those places that is full of yin element, hence, in order to avoid touching the mercury because of it's poisonous properties, master will use biagae as a container to gather the mercury when they are chanting. Therefore, mercury is believed to absorb all the spirits, demons and also negative vibrations from surrounding which is superb powerful element. 

Furthermore, Archan Tham is also capable of consecrating Wua Tanoo(Bull) as well as Pit Rod is all hand made using traditional ancient magic pass down by LP Wan. Not every monk has the privilege and level of attainment to practice and unlock the essence of the ancient magic book to obtain the secret formula. Wua Tanoo is known for blocking and also dispelling black magic and also negative elements. In addition, every Pit Rod which is meant to be wore on the arm made by Archan Tham uses at least a 3 meter cloth which is filled with hand written sacred yants from the knowledge of the ancient book and personally rolled up. Generally, Pit Rod is meant for Klaew Klad and Kongkapan purposes. 

Archan Tham's Holy Item Mercury + Lead

In case, an accident, or something bad is going to happen, pray in your mind and call for the name of ' Archan Tham Wat Nong Pluck, Please Bless me...'

I have also personally witness how extraordinary is Archan Tham compared to other master. His high level of samadhi(Mediation) and wiccha(Magic) made his blessings to us a very effective and potent one. 

Archan Tham, Teacher of Ajarn Jo, Blessing his Roop Tai 

Archan Tham, Teacher of Ajarn Jo, Hand made Wua Tanoo 

Archan Tham First Batch


Archan Tham Second Batch Biagae, 100% Tied by Hand 

Archan Tham, Teacher of Ajarn Jo, Hand made Pit Rod 

Archan Tham Lok Ser Goed in Bracelet 

Galleries of Archan Tham& His Item

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