Ajarn Jo's Waikru 

*Waikru refers to annual event/ceremony which is carried out to commemorate our grand masters and a day where masters accept new disciples into the school. Thai people believes by attending waikru annually will be blessed throughout the year and in fact their whole life.

Every year on the very day of the Waikru, disciples will all be at the samnak very early in the morning to help to prepare all the offerings as well as getting ready for the ceremony. Ajarn Jo will be the one who will be leading the ceremony inviting all the Devas, Kruba Ajarns and many Gods through long and continuous chantings without breaks. This chanting ceremony is  carried out to invited all the relevant entities to come help bless all the devotees. At this time, new comers will be seeing many devotees getting trace every now and then. 

Afterwards, everyone will be going through a second time individual blessings by Ajarn Jo using Lersi Krop Sien blessings with Pankru passing over to master signifying the acceptance of new disciple. 

Ajarn Jo's Waikru B.E.2562(C.E.2019)

Video Footage of Waikru B.E.2562(C.E.2019)

A very heartwarming waikru session first time ever at a new location with new faces every year. You can catch a glimpse of how it is like when people are going into trace in this video! Take some time to watch!