We are the exclusive agents for our local master, Ajarn Jo . He is a very low profile master who is famous for his Maha Saneah rituals and of course, Phra Ngans and Phra Chais. Furthermore, Phra Ngans and Phra Chais made by him are 100% holy item with no spirits/barangs stuffed inside. 


Anyone who are facing any problems with their career or relationships, please contact us for a consultation through card reading sessions(算命) and blessing services(祈福) . We also source for the best amulets to cater to your current lifestyle and we promise to help in a fair and objective manner. 

Handsome Batch ( Phra Chai)
Wood Craved Phra Ngan Bucha
Extreme Maha Seneh Botak Ngan
Super Blue Blood Moon Batch
Phra Chai Bucha
Smurf batch
handsome batch
Ajarn Jo Phra Chai
Master Joe Phra Chai and Ngan

Ajarn Jo's Master Piece